George Davies Turf


One of the UK’s leading turf suppliers, George Davies Turf take great pride in delivering fresh, quality turf as quickly and efficiently as possible, ready for immediate transplantation, for any domestic property or major commercial estate.

Awaiting Sunrise at the Turf Farm

Early morning turf cut by harvester, processing customer orders

George Davies, Owner, with new truck receiving loaded rolled turf for latest customer orders

The latest additions to the GDT family

George with Freddie, Operations Director

Truck on customer site, orders being prepared

Turf & topsoil safely delivered within 24hrs

George Davies Turf Team

Series of brand imagery for GDT to use across all digital, marketing and social platforms. Product Service & Journey stories include TURF FARM, CUT TURF, PRODUCT ORDER PROCESS, KEY PERSONNEL, NEW TRUCKS, CUSTOMER DELIVERIES & SITE LOCATION, TEAM