St Patrick’s Church


Situated in Soho Square, London, St Patrick’s Church are one of the UK’s most prestigious Roman Catholic churches.

In partnership with Ryan Bunce & Co, Sally Strachey Historical Restoration and Hare & Humphreys, a full scale restoration and conservation project, lasting 8 months was implemented in February 2020 with Video and Photography required to record the progression of the project, for PR and marketing across all construction, restoration and surveying industries.

St Patrick’s Church, London

Stained glass windows installation by Glasmalerei Peters & Prism Glass

Church entrance, Soho Square

Project Consultancy & Surveyance by Ryan Bunce & Co

With the project still in production, aspects of the internal works have been captured via video shorts and photography for social media post activation. Focussing on structural engineering, interior paintworks, specialised gold leaf and marbled decoration, external brickwork cleaning and stained-glass window installations.

Beautiful glass designs by artist Vivenne Haig, produced by Glasmalerei Peters

Gold leaf application to restore Church interior by SSH Conservation

Damaged gold leaf pre-restoration

External brick replacement and pointing by SSH Conservation

Lighting by Chris Reading Associates

Re-opening Ceremony by Cardinal