Jay Phelps


Jay is an expert Public Speaking Trainer, Funeral Celebrant and Church Minister, available to help people with many aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Reverend Jay required a series of videos to market and demonstrate his services to his calling audience.

Jay Phelps – My Services

The Bible

Church Minister

We devised a strategy in an environment that felt most natural to Jay, creating a script and filming scenes that would promote his services to his valued customers. The videos would demonstrate Jay talking to camera, in an eloquent and personable way, showcasing his tuition, education, care and support skills to customers that require a very delicate and personal touch to ensure they are in the best hands with pending issues and unforeseen events.

The Biker

Funeral Director

The Bike & Sidecar

Public Speaking Training

Religion & Politics

7 x interview-styled videos demonstrating his services to cross promote across his website and Youtube channel. Videos include; PUBLIC SPEAKING TRAINING, FUNERAL DIRECTOR, CHURCH MINISTER, POLITICS & RELIGION, THE BIBLE, THE BIKER, THE BIKE & SIDECAR