Highland Overland


Highland Overland is a premium 4×4 vehicle rental service, designed specifically to tour the Scottish Highlands along the famous North Coast 500.

To provide an overview and how-to explainer videos on the custom designed 4×4 Nissan Navarro’s itself and the bespoke camping kit provided.

Overview – Nissan Navarro Truck, Tufftrek Tent, Heimplant Tent, Camping Kit

Sleeping – Tufftrek hard-top roof tent (sleeps 2)

Cooking – Domestic Insulation Box (for cooking/kitchen sets)

Working alongside Andy, Partner of Highland Overland, we hired an actor, Graham to help with filming the tour overview and explainer videos. Time was limited for this shoot due to the demand for the vehicle, so we hired a warehouse space in Northamptonshire to film the 4×4 in situ, and have Andy and Graham demonstrate the space and details of the vehicle as well the assembly and deconstruct of all the camping equipment.

Sleeping – Mammut three-season sleeping bags

Living – Alu-Cab canopy with gullwing kitchen

BTS – Nissan Navarro space & design

Cooking – Black Deer Outdoor Cookware

Living – ARB Air Locker chairs (x 2)

4 x Tour Overview and bespoke How-To instructional videos on the Nissan Navarro truck and it’s contents. Videos include KIT OVERVIEW, KIT TOUR, OVERAND TENT & AWNING. All videos to be hosted and marketed across all Highland Overland’s digital, social and media channels such as Youtube & Vimeo.